OrcaJam 2016 is happening this October!

We are pleased to announce that OrcaJam 7 will be happening on the weekend of Oct. 28-30th 2016.

Tickets are limited to 60, so sign up quickly!

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What is OrcaJam?

OrcaJam is Victoria's 48 hour Game Jam along the lines of the Global Game Jam and TIGJam.

It's an event where a bunch of aspiring and experienced game designers get together and work on what they love - making games - for 48 hours.

Programmers, artists, audio engineers, board game designers, and anyone else interested in game development should come. Team up with newfound friends and make something amazing!

I'm new at this, how does it work?

Game designers of all sorts will be coming out to make games based on a theme that will be announced at the start of the event. There will be programmers, artists, audio engineers, board game designers and all sorts of skills represented, but specific game experience is not necessary. If you're interested and willing to learn come on out!

After learning the theme you can work on your own game or find others with complimentary skills and make something as a team.

Be sure to show up at 6pm on Friday to meet others, brainstorm ideas and team up with people that can show you the ropes! Everyone is welcome so come out and join us!

Where is it happening?

OrcaJam 2016 is held in beautiful Victoria, BC, on the West Coast of Canada. Victoria is the Capital of British Columbia, and is a beautiful, sunny, garden town with a growing gaming industry.

OrcaJam will be hosted at the wonderful Viatec office in downtown Victoria: 777 Fort St. Victoria BC. Thanks to Viatec for their great support!

New to Victoria? There's lots of stuff to do here - tons of brewpubs, clubs, whale Orca watching tours, garden tours, historical districts, biking trails, live music and events! There's something for everyone! For more info, there's always Wikipedia's entry on our fair city. NOTE: We are on an island.

How much?

Tickets are only $20 which includes:

  • Food and beverages on-site
  • A commemorative T-Shirt
  • Access to a panel talk during the game jam
  • Full 48-hour access to the venue
  • And most importantly, the fun of creating a game surrounded by like-minded people! :)

Tickets are limited, so grab yours now!

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What's the food situation?

Meals will be provided at the game jam, but details are still TBA.

How does equipment shake out?

We will be providing tables, seating and internet access, but you'll need to bring your own computer equipment.

We encourage you to bring your own laptops because desktops are big and bulky and make the tables crowded. But if you must bring a desktop, you must.

We'll be bringing some extension cords and power bars, but if you can bring your own down it'll help us out.

At the end of the event, we will be setting up a projector and letting anyone show off their projects to the sleep deprived crowd! (HDMI output required)

I want a roof over my head!

Victoria is a big tourism town with a few hostels and dozens of other hotels nearby.

How can I get there?

From abroad

Victoria has an International Airport [YYJ]. It's a bit far away from the event space (25 minute drive or so, depending on traffic), and taxis will cost you approximately $55.

There is a shuttle bus operated by Akal that charges around $19 per person (less for groups) that will take you right to OrcaJam.

There is city bus service to the airport at a rate of only $2.50, but you will have to transfer once to make it to OrcaJam.

From Vancouver

BC Ferries runs several trips per day, every day, from Vancouver to Victoria. Cost is around $14 per person, and $50 per vehicle. The trip takes about 1.5 hours.

If you don't have a vehicle, you can buy an inter-city bus ticket from Pacific Coach Lines. They have a terminal downtown Vancouver (near Science World), and the ticket price will include the ferry and take you right past the venue in Victoria for $42. Easy!

If you can make your own way to the ferry, there is a city bus that can pick you up on the Victoria side and will take you downtown, for $2.50. A taxi from the same location would likely cost more than $70.

If you are Mister Fancypants and want to fly in, Helijet offers downtown-to-downtown service for $199. It's a pretty sweet ride, I'd recommend it if you have the cash to burn! There's also floatplanes that go downtown-to-downtown for $145.

From Washington State

The Victoria Clipper is a passenger-only ferry that can take you direct from downtown Seattle to downtown Victoria for just $100 (round-trip). It's fast (around 3 hours). From the Victoria side, it's only a 20 minute walk to the event location. Reservations are recommended, as it's cheaper that way.

From western Washington, the Coho Ferry leaves Port Angeles and will also take you to downtown Victoria. It carries vehicle and foot traffic (~$50/car, $12/person).

North of Seattle, there is a ferry leaving Anacortes for $16 (plus $55 for vehicles). This one arrives north of Victoria, near the airport and BC Ferries terminals.

American fancypantses can take a floatplane from Seattle to downtown Victoria for about $150 (round trip).

Who's organizing this thing?

OrcaJam is organized by the LEVEL UP - IGDA Victoria organization, a group who supports the Victoria game development community.

This year OrcaJam is receiving tremendous support and sponsorship from local organizations:

  • Sponsors will be announced soon.

Any questions should be directed to the event organizer, Graham Davis, via email.

Sign up Now!

Tickets are limited to 60, so sign up quickly!

Interested in volunteering? Please sign up to volunteer here.


Sponsors will be announced soon.

Previous Years' Games

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